About Icon Medical


Icon Medical Supplies is a Sydney based medical supply company that began in our director’s garage back in 2003. Now, over 20 years on, we have a national distribution network that ranges from Sydney to Perth, Cairns, Melbourne and Brisbane – just to name a few. Icon has a large national reach with clientele all across Australia. We are a multi-cultural company, and represent a truly modern Australia.


Why Icon?

Icon Medical Supplies is a preferred medical supplier for many clients around Australia . Our Customer Service and turnaround times for deliveries is what seperates us from the pack . We can help you from your initial setup of hardware and general medical supplies if setting up a new practice  together with your ongoing medical supply requirements throughout the years. We make it simple for you to begin your practice without any of the usual hassles of dealing with multiple companies.


Preferred medical supplier

We are the preferred medical supplier to many corporate groups, medical centres and clinics, Icon has a wide range of medical hardware, vaccines, general consumables and if you cannot find an item, we will hunt the item down for you!


Emphasis on the service

We strive to provide a great customer service experience and a full knowledge base with our sales representatives. We’re happy to suggest alternatives to an item to avoid back orders, and we only sell products that will last the distance.


Give Icon a go!

So give us a try, and let us win you over with our extensive experience and friendly service.