Coronavirus Update

Date: 05-Mar-2020

Australian Department of Health COVID-19 Updates

Latest Update 5/8/20

All back orders for PPE products will receive a freight charge due to stock numerous stock delays beyond our control.

Latest Update 22/7/20

Face masks have been removed from online ordering. Please call or email us to place an order for this item.

Latest Update 16/6/20

Most supplies are coming back into stock, with a few exceptions. There are delays on some types of gloves and Microshield products. We are still not allowing pick-up orders to minimise risk to staff and customers. Thank you for your understanding.

Latest Update 1/5/20

The guest checkout is back online as some PPE items come back into stock.

Latest Update 16/4/20

As you know PPE items are in short supply worldwide, along with paper & tissue products, just to name a few. In addition to this there is quite often a delay in some other ranges as well, due to a change in supply protocols during the Covid 19 pandemic.

We are in and out of stock of items such as masks, gowns and hand sanitizer with no current regular ETAs. If you are enquiring about the availability of these items, please submit your enquiry regarding these items online via our website.

We understand and appreciate the enormous pressure this puts on you and your staff but please understand that we are working tirelessly to secure further stock and/or alternatives for our current customers as we value your business. However, pricing on these products has increased from manufacturers due to a shortage of materials and the dramatic fall in the Australian Dollar etc. and as such we cannot absorb these additional costs. Rest assured that once prices stabilise or we can source more cost effective options we will in turn pass any savings back down to our customers.

At any time, but especially during these difficult and stressful times, we request that you are considerate and understanding with our customer service staff. They are doing their best to satisfy your requests, but please understand that at times we simply cannot provide certain items. This is not because we do not want to assist you, it is simply because we just cannot access certain items at this time. We will not accept rude or aggressive behaviour towards our staff at any time.

Thank you once again for your continued understanding and patience during these trying times.

Latest Update 26/3/20

Due to high demand on PPE items for the coronavirus, we have temporarily removed the guest checkout from our website. Only our long standing customers with an account can purchase these products. When supply returns to normal, we will reactivate the guest checkout to our website.

We are routinely experiencing a high volume of phone calls and long wait times. During this period, we request you send any enquiries to instead of calling.

Thank you for your patience during this time.

Important Update 17/3/20

Icon Medical Supplies plays an important role in the supply of medical products to all our valued clients and in particular to Medical Centres & Practitioners. To do this well, the health and well-being of our customers along with our staff is at the forefront of everything we do. With the outbreak of COVID-19, we have made some changes to how we operate to ensure we can continue to provide these critical services to everyone.

Effective immediately we are reducing non essential contact, by bringing  our sales representatives off the road. Instead, they will be in our offices to assist with your enquiries. Rest assured, that should you require an onsite visit, one of our staff will make an appointment to come out and see you when requested. This will also free up your staff and reduce their non essential contact as well.

Our customer service staff will continue to be available to take calls to answer enquiries and place orders etc. However during these challenging times, we are experiencing higher than normal incoming calls and email enquiries. Therefore we respectfully request your patience whilst we endeavor to continue to provide a high level of friendly service to each caller and enquirer.

We have increased our warehouse production to continue to fulfill the higher number of orders in a prompt and efficient manner.

In order to also take care of our staff throughout Icon Medical Supplies, in addition to our standard health & safety practices, we’ve proactively introduced additional precautionary measures, to ensure any risks related to COVID 19 are reduced as much as possible. Among these measures, and once again in order to reduce non essential contact, we have made the decision to temporarily cease the option for customer pickup of orders.

In the current circumstances we understand many customers will want to limit the amount of time they come in close contact with others. As such our couriers have implemented a change in their delivery of your orders. They will not insist on your signature for delivery at this time. Instead they may photograph the parcels and ask for your name to enter onto their paperwork as proof of delivery.

As most of us have already experienced, there are delays on some products beyond our control, but rest assured that we are working around the clock to continue to source alternative brands to fulfil your orders as soon as possible. At the current time however, we have seen the need to place some items under controlled release to ensure regular supply to as many of our clients as possible. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and understanding whilst we all work through these ever changing supply issues.

Our leadership team is meeting regularly to assess the situation and ensure our people are safe and supported as well as our clients.

These are challenging & unprecedented times, but as a community, we can work together to get through the difficulties we are currently facing. We will continue to base all of our decisions on the latest advice from the relevant authorities and experts and will keep you notified of any further changes.


Icon Medical Supplies

Coronavirus Update 5/3/20

As you are aware, the Coronavirus Outbreak has put high demands across the board of all PPE products (please login to view these items).

There is currently high demand on these products:

  • Face masks/shields (can't see online must call Icon - medical centres only for back order)
  • Gowns
  • Hand sanitisers (back order)
  • Alcohol wipes
  • All other PPE products

We are currently working to get more stock of these items. At this stage we are only able to supply our existing customers or medical centres. You must login to your account to see these products online. Some items may not appear due to extended delays. Delivery times may also be affected. For any of these items that are out of stock, we can place you on a waitlist and contact you when they are back in stock.

Our sincere apologies are extended for any inconvenience caused due to these stock shortages. However there are currently unprecedented demands throughout the industry and we are working tirelessly to obtain regular stocks wherever possible.

Hands-Free Dispensers

To best keep your centre in front of these germs, we suggest updating your practice with hand-free dispensers. We currently have a special on Bactol 1L pods - "Buy 6 and get one touch-free dispenser for FREE!"  Click here for more information. With the rapid changes happening to stock levels, we suggest you take advantage of this offer now.