Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find your question here, please contact us for assistance.

How do I sign up for an account?
On the home page, in the blue bar section, there are two fields to log in. Underneath there is a button titled "Register". Click this and fill out your details. You will then receive an email confirmation saying that your account has been setup and is ready to use.

I'm already an Icon customer. If I want to buy online do I need to register?
Yes. You'll need to click on the "Register" button on the home page and fill out your centre's details. Once your account has been setup it will be ready to use, and you will be able to "Charge to Account" for your payment method. If you are unable to "Charge to Account", let us know and we will make sure it is linked.

Do you sell to the public?
Yes, but we do not sell restricted goods to the public.

Can I come in and view the items before purchasing?
Unfortunately not as we are not a shop front.

I am having trouble logging in. What do I do?

  • Double check the email address is the same as the one the online account was signed up with
  • The password could be wrong. On the home page underneath the login area, click "forgot password". This will send you a new one to use until you can change it to something else
  • Sometimes there are problems with your browser in general. Try refreshing the page, removing all the cookies on your browser and restarting the browser
  • Make sure you also have an online account with Icon and not just a credit/prepaid account

I can't find an item online?

  • Double check the spelling of your search terms
  • Search fewer terms, eg: instead of "scalpel blades" try "scalpel" or "blade"
  • It may be a restricted item (eg: vaccines) Make sure you are logged in and if you still can't see restricted goods, contact Icon, because we might not have the medical registration details on file required to allow you to make those purchases
  • If you have purchased this item from us before and it is not online, write the stock code, description and how many units you are after in the "Comments" section through the checkout and we will add it to your order
  • The item may not be on the website, contact Icon to confirm we stock/sell this product

The website is having trouble placing my order. What is happening?

On occasion, the website does have problems processing orders. Refreshing or logging out and then back in solves most problems. For more complex errors trying to place your order, please write down or take a screenshot the error messages so we can fix the issue. If the website still refuses to process the order, print the page of your checkout and fax/email this over to Icon (with your details) and we can process the order for you.

The website isn't letting me "Charge to Account"?
Please contact Icon as your account may not be fully set up.

How to I create an order template?
Click here for more information.

Do you ship outside Australia?
No, we only ship within Australia.

How much is delivery?
The website works out the delivery fee based on location and the weight of the order. If there are any discrepancies, Icon will contact you before the order is processed.

When can I receive my order?
If all stock is available, it is typically a 1-2 business day turn around for Sydney/Brisbane metro. Please allow for more time if you are outside of these areas.

I just placed an order online, can I come and pick up today?
Pick up orders have the same turn around time as orders that are delivered.

Can you please call me prior to delivery?
We use external courier companies, and they do not provide this service.

Can you deliver to a P.O. Box/locked bag/can leave my parcel on my doorstep?
Unfortunately not, as these are medical goods they must be delivered to a physical address and have someone sign for the goods.

I want to return part of/my whole order, how do I do that?
We do have a returns policy, please click here for more information. We do not accept any returns back without a Goods Return Authority (GRA). Please call Icon to see if you qualify.